A review by Archie Wilson, Bucks Free Press

Bedroom Farce is one of Ayckbourn’s most popular plays and deals with the intertwining lives of four couples, three of whose bedrooms are on stage at the same time. Typically, Ayckbourn dissects their lives, passions, prejudices and generally delves about in the mud at the bottom.

This is not an easy play to set up on stage, requiring sufficient room for what is, in effect, three box sets. St.Peter Players coped by having two on stage proper and one side-stage left. This worked pretty well although some sight lines must have been partially blocked.

I only heard one prompt, right at the beginning, which was quite discreet and not too distracting, although I think most people know my views on prompts by now!

Overall, the play was funny and serious in the right places and the pace was just about right – not an easy thing to achieve in an Ayckbourn. Credit to directors Linda Smith and Tina Barclay for the pace and for the fact that the moves looked completely natural.

It was John Jensen’s (playing Nick) first time on stage in a play and he can feel justifiably proud of himself. His performance was both confident and convincing.  Jess Barclay was simply wonderful as the naïve, bubbly and totally laid back Kate in the ‘middle bedroom’. In honesty, there was not a poor performance although I thought Jonathan Hughes was a little over the top on occasions in his portrayal of poor, misguided Trevor.

The sound and lights were unobtrusive and just right for the production. The front of house staff were courteous and helpful and the stage was excellent. Just a pity there is no facility for raked seating – maybe something for the future, Chalfont ?